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Is your website working to help you grow your business? Does it bring you new customers on a regular basis? Does it capture details of your website visitors so that you can follow up with them and convert some of them to new customers?

Most website designers focus solely on design. Understandably you might think. Of course you want a website that looks good and shows off your practice or your small business to good effect. But design is secondary to function - there's no point in having the most stunning website in the world if it doesn't help you to grow your business.

Take a quick test with your own website - how well is it working for you?

Q1: What's Your Value Proposition?

Your Value Proposition tells visitors why they should do business with you rather than with one of your competitors. It should communicate how you can solve their problem and what benefit they'll get from using your service. This needs to be a clear, striking headline at the top of your homepage that will grab your visitors' attention in the few seconds that you have before they decide to go somewhere else on the internet. Take a look at your Home Page- is your Value Proposition clearly stated there?

Q2: What do you want your website visitors to do?

A potential client arrives on your home page. What do you want them to do? How will they know?
For example, do you want them to call you for an appointment? Register for a special offer? Sign up for your newsletter?

Have a look at your website now. Is it obvious what a new visitor should do?

Do you have a system for getting your website visitor's contact details and following up with them? If you don't you're missing out. Most people won't do business with you the first time they interact with you, or the second, or even the third. On average it takes at least 8 interactions before a new client makes an appointment with you or a customer makes a purchase.

So offer your website visitors something of value in in exchange for some details about them. This starts a relationship and when they are ready to purchase they're far more likely to think of you.

Q3: Is it all about You?

Go to your Homepage and read it. Is it all about you, your qualifications, experience, products and services? Or is it about how you can help solve your visitor's problems?

People want to know how you are going to help them. Tell your website visitors how you can solve their problems, help them get fitter, fix their pets. Use the words 'you' and 'your' far more than "I' and 'we'.

Giving you a website that works to bring you new business is what we specialise in here at Coughlan Media Solutions. I'm Andrew Coughlan and my mission is to help you to grow your professional practice or small business with a dynamic, effective website. Click the button below to find out how we can help you.

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