Are you lacking effective website control and/or support?

This is quite a complex issue but I will focus on three common things that we have observed:

1. Your web developers aren't looking after you properly
2. You don't have time to get to grips with the system you are using
3. You are working with the wrong platform

It may be the overt inability to contact anyone at the web development agency that did your website. Quite frankly this is a disgrace but it happens. Sometimes your contact is part of a franchise network and needs assistance from 'Head Office' to action changes. Sometimes they have just disappeared. Sometimes they have taken on too much work and you are down the list. Whatever the reason you need to get out of this system because t will kill your business.

It can be more subtle though. You want to do more yourself but you are unable to do so because you haven't been trained with the software or given editprial acces sto YOUR website.

Being abel to contact someone who understands your business and is in regular contact with you.It requires a sensible conversation to helpyou know what you can doand what might braek the site. We atke the view of gradually handing more and more control to cleients as they request it or need it.So a tailored solution.

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