Is Your Website Outdated?

Look at your website on your smartphone, because that’s what most people are doing now. Over half of all internet traffic is now on mobile devices. On your phone, does your website load quickly? Is it easy for visitors to see your content, and call you if that’s what you want them to do?

Does the navigation work seamlessly? If you have to turn your phone sideways or fiddle with the screen to see your site properly then it’s time for a new website!!

Your website needs to be responsive, i.e. it adjusts to look perfect on all devices, especially smartphones.

The proportion of your visitors using a smartphone is only going to increase. Your website has to look good on a phone and also be designed to function well on a phone. It must be easy for website visitors to do those 2 key actions of either making contact and becoming a lead or buying from you.

Here at Coughlan Media Solutions we specialise in creating effective, responsive websites that look great on smartphones. I’m Andrew Coughlan and my mission is to help you to grow your professional practice or small business. Click the button below to find out how we can help you.

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